FM Services

We are into business of facility management services which is a part of power factor legacy based in Dubai with a combined work force more than 1500 team members.

Power Factor Facility Management is involved in guiding and managing the operations and maintenance of buildings, precincts and community infrastructure on behalf of the property owners in the form of Annual Maintenance contract.

In a layman language, we believe that anything which is coming as a facility for the customer is always a scope for us as a facility management service provider.

Power Factor business objective is to maximize the profit for its client by giving the optimum utilization of all the resources which are available to us. We always have kept this kind of approach and will definitely keep this as strength for the successful running of the organization. Price, customer satisfaction, customer experience and customer focus; factors like these do matter for us and utmost priorities and we always have proven our service with these factors in mind. We put our self in the customer shoe and think accordingly

“Outsource your FM work to us TODAY”……

Services we offer :

There is an unlimited scope of work what a facility management service provider can provide but mainly we offer two types of service as follows

Hard and Soft Services:

  • Properties own or occupied doesn’t matter, our facilities management solutions can cover on and off-site management, Round the clock 24/7 helpdesk assistance, maintenance, cleaning, security, project management and a whole host of related hard and soft services.
  • Local With each and every client we first try to identify their current situation, knowing their goals and knowing their culture. This knowledge allows us to analyze and suggest solutions from the various service delivery options that will be available to you as a customer.
  • We provide independent management solutions that work alongside your management teams. For that reason our goals are your goals. To deliver other services which are not offered by us sometimes we engage local, regional and national suppliers, all approved by us for performance, quality and financial stability.

Most importantly, we don’t add margin to the cost of the facilities services we deliver through service partners; therefore we have no interest in keeping these costs high

Hard Services Includes

  • Air Conditioning Maintenance
  • Electrical System Maintenance
  • Plumbing system; Drainage and water supply, piping, fixtures and                 equipment     
  • Security system, building control system and alarm
  • CCTV and access system such as gate barriers and door sensors
  • Civil works such as carpentry, painting, masonry and water storage tanks maintenance

Soft Service includes
Cleaning services for residential and commercial buildings including internal and external cleaning such as window glass cleaning, floor cleaning, carpet cleaning health and safety


Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention system maintenance Housekeeping Pest Management Landscaping Building Security Life Guards Water Tank Cleaning systems Elevator maintenance And Pool cleaning services